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A Fighter’s Fight Promotion – G.C.F.
Gladiator cage fighting , G.C.F. for short , has been a long time coming in the eyes of Jeremy “Jingle Bells” Jones, an Oklahoma Mixed Martial Artist who is turning his experience from inside the Cage, into a organization geared toward the fighter, not the promoters pockets !
July 23rd is the day . The Blazers Ice Center heats up as a new MMA Promotion hopes to set a standard high and focus on the world class athlete , and give them a platform to be seen on the world stage, and provide them with everything they need to move toward furthering there career . In doing so , Jingle Bells promises the very best with no “padding records” , no Canceling Fights last minute over fear of money loss, No undeserving Title Shots and most important , the fighters come first . ” There’s a lot of promotions here in Oklahoma City , and they get over on fighters quite often, and it bothers me” , said Jones when asked recently by Skippy Cohen on the Drako Sports Impact Hour .  The Passion, combined with his fight experience and knowledge of the sport, is something he is looking forward to utilizing very Fast and with all eyes watching , he has everyone ready to see what he has up his sleeve.
   The Fights will be available on FITE.TV all around the world, and if you want to experience the Event Live , tickets are available http://www.ticketstorm.com/event/gladiatorcagefighting/blazersicecenter/oklahomacity/17430/